The Sports Junkie Test – Are You One?


Are you a hardcore sports junkie who’s always looking for the latest stats or video clips of the very best plays from last night’s match?

If this is the case, a radio digital photo frame 토토 might be just the thing you want. Wireless-digital picture frames are able to download your favourite RSS feeds directly onto the frame! Imagine using the hottest sports stats and headlines going across the corner of your own desk! You’d be popular guy in the office. It’s possible to customize the feeds to include just about everything you desire, from images to video replays. Whenever your boss walks by, simply switch it to your slideshow of your most recent vacation, or even better, a showcase of your best focus on the latest project. *wink* Truthfully, if you are lucky, you’re boss will enjoy the wireless photo-frame as much as possible.

Just just how does this function? Well there are lots of wireless photo frames currently on the market that are capable of integrating with your existing office or home wireless network. Once the framework is on the web, it is easy to place it up so that it can pickup your favourite RSS feeds, Flickr accounts, and on occasion just a FrameChannel flow. All you need to do is go to your favourite sports site, and figure out where their feed is hiding. Often times, you’ll find it by simply putting /feed after the domain, but some times you ought to dig a little deeper.

Still another benefit to having a wireless digital framework on the job is you can easily send it pictures on the net. Wish to get your co workers green with jealousy as you’re on vacation? Send a single picture of you onto the white sand beach, with a hot tropical island at the back ground supporting you. Remember the martini and a hot companion!

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